Lesson for my lazy brother


After a long day at work, Savana arrive home and can’t wait to relax. But as soon she open the door, she notes that the house is a real mess. Her brother is on the couch playing video games and absolutely cleaned nothing like he was supposed to.. He never help her with the house keeping and Savana has to do all the job by herself. But today, she decided that it’s enough! She’s gonna give him a lesson that he will never forget.. She’s works out a lot so she’s very strong and when she’s angry, she turns crazy. So she will violently remove his clothes and punch his balls with her foot, then pitch him on the floor to sit down on his face until he can’t breath. She will also wrestle with him , scissor him, choke him …and more She tell him that she knows he watched her taking her shower, he has to pay for that too. So she will make him very uncomfortable and pathetic getting nude to and shaking her genitals parts on his face. Yes… she’s crazy.. but she’s the boss now and he knows 😛

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Length: 15:38 min
Format: MP4 / 1920×1080