My stepmom obliged me to suck her dirty feet


Savana just arrived in her room, she’s a bit drunk and tired. She went out tonignt and her feet hurts.
So, she decided to ask her stepson to come in her room for spoil her in a disturbing way.. She  first remove her expensive Louboutin shoes then oblige him to massage her feet cover by black pantyhose.  He’s totally uncomfortable with that.. and her feet stink. But she blackmails him saying she can tell his father he tried to touched her without her consensentment …

Having no other choices, He finally make her happy , rubbing and licking her feet.  
But it’s not enough for her; she also remove her pantyhose and push her feet in his mouth. She has no underwear, he can see her fat pussy. He gets hard and he feels very weird about that situation.. but no choices.. he sucks her toes and handle her feet very deep in his mouth.

Finally, she feels very horny and push his head in her butt crack and twerk it, spreading her pussy juice all over his face. She let him go only when she is satisfied, telling him that as long she lives in this house, he will have to spoil her. Ohh, bad Savana!

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